SL-083 Release date:
November 14, 2019

Mover Shaker - Another Truck Stop


Mover Shaker is a band from Michigan. They probably landed there from an entirely different space and time.Michiganiawas their first transmission—an LP that reframed Midwest living into epic constellations. That galaxy twinkled with towering glam attitude and burned with white-hot prog intensity.Another Truck Stop, the band’s long-awaited return, fell out of a wormhole and into Skeletal Lightning’s stacked roster. What was once a group defined by quad-vocal muscle, a collaborative work ethic, and extreme arrangements has only grown stronger and bolder, but also weirder and wilder. Let’s take a trip, shall we? Cowards need not apply. 

While the genre fusion on display sounds weightless,Another Truck Stopshows how gravity takes its toll. You can hear the doom, the storm-cloud chords that wake “Latchkey” or the slowcore creeping through “We Can Go to the Landfill Together.” The crushing weight of earthly displeasures gets unpacked elsewhere, too. “Service Provider” warns against falling asleep at the wheel on tour despite its alert new-wave confidence, while “Midwest Amnesiac Blues” disintegrates in a fuzzy mess informed by gender dysphoria and antidepressant withdrawal. 

If this is a road record, it’s a haunting and existential one—discomfort is given room to grow, warp, and take control. Vocals often swap frantically between vocalist/guitarists Jack Parsons and Gabriel Miller, creating a dialogue that is dissociative by design. The twin rhythm section—literally comprised of twins Colin and Ryan Shea—burbles and cracks at pindrop moments, heightening the drama of this interstellar communication. Behind the glitz lies something gnarlier. Welcome to Mover Shaker’s Earth. - James Cassar

Pressed on a limited edition Coke Bottle Clear with Black Smoke vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

1. Latchkey
2. Service Provider
3. Midwest Amnesiac Blues
4. Vilify
5. Honeydew/House of Youth
6. Amnesia Queen
7. The Children Want Their Nicotine
8. Put Me to Sleep
9. We Can Go to the Landfill Together
10. Another Truck Stop