Skeletal Lightning works to take care of artists in a way that allows musicians to focus on doing what they do best: making music and touring the world. More than 10 years since their inception, and almost 110 releases later, the label’s original mission still shines through. Perhaps most notably, by taking notes from other artist-friendly labels (like Polyvinyl and Dischord) and running on a true 50/50 profit split with artists. 

Skeletal Lightning was originally born as an independent music blog, focused on highlighting all of the amazing music they saw coming out of the Midwest independent music community. This would ultimately be followed by the birth of Skeletal Lightning  the label, which quickly flourished into a deeply passionate independently owned and operated record label that works to highlight bands from all across the globe. 

Skeletal Lightning bands have been featured in Pitchfork, Noisey, FADER, and countless other publications. Music from Skeletal Lightning artists has even been played during the Winter Olympics and March Madness. Pretty wild, right? 

Skeletal Lightning is the direct result of hearing one too many horror stories from bands in terrible situations with their labels. More than anything, Skeletal Lightning strives to create an exciting, hopeful space for bands to exist and grow with support along the way. Skeletal Lightning also appreciates YOU - and would like to thank you for reading and caring about what they do! - Delaney Motter

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