Go Deep - Influence

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When trying to describe NYC-based hardcore band, Go Deep, there is one word that comes to mind over and over again: intense. For Go Deep there are no half-measures, there is no compromising, there is no middle ground or mediocrity. The band’s upcoming debut full length, "Influence," is a testament to that sheer force of will. The album’s eleven tracks are a formidable collection of vicious and distinct hardcore, breathing new life into the genre’s tropes. From massive floor-tom-driven stompers to brooding build-ups, each track has a unique identity, drawn together by vocalist Kris Kneale’s vitriolic lyrics and uniquely infectious yet aggressive vocal cadences. "Influence" is an achievement by nature of its very existence, an unyielding display of Go Deep's determination distilled into sonic form. It’s an album that is undeniably hardcore but reshaped into something more; something more distinct, more powerful, and above all, more intense.

Distro from 6131 Records