Joliette is a Mexican post-hardcore band originally from the city of Puebla, formed in 2011. Composed by Fernando Obregon (vocals - guitar), Juan Pablo Castillo ( guitar), Gastón Prado ( bass) and Gabriel Mendoza (drums ) , Joliette pushes the envelope with genre shifts left and right, going from heavy, chaotic, and in your face anthems, to light, calm, and melodic passages in an instant. With EIY ( Earn It Yourself) philosophy, Joliette seeks to promote a scene of honest and sincere connections, having a direct interaction with the audience, without intermediaries and always putting the main objective on music itself.

Since their inception, they've single-handedly built the Mexican DIY punk scene from the ground up, while putting the country on the map, playing alongside bands like Senses Fail, A Day To Remember, Finch, and Silverstein. Since then, they've even taken the US (and soon to be the UK and Canada) by storm, with appearances at Fest, SXSW, Audiotree Live and some of the biggest Mexican music festivals known to man.