Table Discography

 Artist Title Release Date Catalog Number


Dreamtigers Ellapsis 2/18/2022 SL-096 LP/CD/Digital
Dikembe Game Over 6/17/2021 SL-095 LP/Digital
Harmony Woods GRACEFUL RAGE 3/12/2021 SL-094 LP/CD/Digital
Caithlin De Marrais What Will You Do Then? 2/26/2021 SL-093 LP/CD/Digital
Caithlin De Marrais Red Coats 2/26/2021 SL-092 LP/Digital
Caithlin De Marrais My Magic City 2/26/2021 SL-091 LP/Digital
Jack M. Senff These Northwood Blues 10/23/2020 SL-090 LP/CD/Digital
Dikembe  Muck 8/19/2020 SL-089 LP/CD/Digital
Dikembe Chicago Bowls/Ledge 7/3/2020 SL-087 LP
Vasudeva Generator 4/10/2020 SL-084 LP/CD/Digital
Mover Shaker Another Truck Stop 11/14/2019 SL-083 LP/CD/Tape/Digital
POOL POOL 11/2019 SL-086 Flexi/Digital
Storm{o} Finnis Terrae 10/4/2019 SL-082 LP/CD/Digital
Joliette Luz Devora 7/2/2019 SL-079 LP/CD/Digital
Harmony Woods Make Yourself At Home 10/4/2019 SL-081 LP/CD/Tape/Digital
Harmony Woods Nothing Special 10/4/2019 SL-080 LP/Digital
Jack M. Senff Good to Know You 9/6/2019 SL-077 LP/CD/Digital
Vasudeva Life in Cycles 7/19/2019 SL-079 LP/CD/Tape/Digital
Mush Thank You, We're Mush 5/8/2019 SL-078 LP/Digital
Gentle Heat Liminal 2/1/2019 SL-074 Tape/Digital
William Bonney All Ten 3/8/2019 SL-071 LP/CD/Tape/Digital
Pool Kids Music to Practice Safe Sex to 3/1/2019 SL-073 LP/CD/Tape/Digital
Quentin Sauve Whatever It Takes 11/2/2018 SL-075 LP/CD/Digital
Gillian Carter Discography Now 9/28/2018 SL-072 CD/Digital
Jet Black L’Ère du Vide 8/20/2018 SL-066 LP/Digital
Ostraca Enemy 7/6/2018 SL-070 LP/Tape/Digital
Gillian Carter ...This Earth Shaped Tomb 8/31/2018 SL-068 LP/CD/Digital
Pack Sounds Bold Statements 7/20/2018 SL-069 Tape/CD/Digital
Vasudeva 3 Acoustics 5/9/2018 SL-067 LP/Tape/Digital
Golden Python Biker Boys 4/20/2018 SL-065 Digital
Curtail All Your Luck 5/25/2018 SL-064 Tape/CD/Digital
Boy Rex Live! From the Far-Away 2/1/2018 SL-063 CD/Digital
Yoon Yung/Corey Stroffolino Everything's Real b/w Live From Silver Bullet Studios 4/6/2018 SL-062 LP/CD/Digital
letters to catalonia fragmentary 11/10/2017 SL-061 Tape/Digital

Pure Hiss

S/T 12/15/2017 SL-060 7"


Kareem Campbell

Demo 7/14/2017 SL-059 Tape
Mush Protect Your Brand 8/11/2017 SL-058 Tape/Digital
Two Knights Effing 9/1/2017 SL-057 LP/CD/Tape/Digital
Ostraca last 5/24/2017 SL-056 LP/Tape/Digital
What Gives Feels Good 4/21/2017 SL-055 Tape/CD/Digital
Vasudeva No Clearance 3/31/2017 SL-054 LP/CD/Tape/Digital
Ostraca/Flesh Born faces of the moving year 3/10/2017 SL-053 LP/Tape/Digital
Whips The Ride 4/7/2017 SL-052 LP/CD/Tape/Digital
lurking. lurking. EP 8/18/2016 SL-051 Tape
Droughts Stay Behind 2/24/2017 SL-049 LP/Tape/Digital
Youth Funeral Heavenward 12/9/2016 SL-048 LP/Tape/Digital
Tyler Daniel Bean On Days Soon To Pass 11/18/2016 SL-047 LP/CD/Tape/Digital
Youth Funeral I Would Do It All Again 6/8/2016 SL-046 Tape
The Reptilian End Paths 9/18/2016 SL-045 LP/CD/Tape/Digital
Victor Shores You'll Get Better At It 7/15/2016 SL-044 7"/Tape/Digital
letters to catalonia/ilill Split 4/1/2016 SL-043 Tape
Knola To The Rhythm 6/10/2016 SL-042 LP/CD/Tape/Digital
Gillian Carter Dreams of Suffocation 4/8/2016 Sl-041 LP/Tape/Digital
Droughts All Together 3/26/2016 SL-040 Tape/Digital
Innards/The Caution Children Split 1/15/2016 SL-039 7"
letters to catalonia demo 11/14/2015 SL-038 Tape
Life In Vacuum/Joliette Split 8/7/2015 SL-037 Tape/Digital
Guppy We Grow Small, We Grow Stupid 8/27/2015 SL-036 Tape/Digital
Ostraca Deathless 4/28/2015 SL-035 LP/Tape/Digital
You'll Live Moving Past This 8/7/2015 SL-034 LP/Digital
Knola The Black Beach 7/17/2015 SL-033 LP/Tape/Digital
Tiny Moving Parts Pleasant Living 3/4/2015 SL-032 Tape
Tiny Moving Parts This Couch Is Long & Full of Friendship 3/4/2015 SL-031 Tape
The Reptilian/Two Knights/Boy Parts/Victor Shores 4-Way Split 6/16/2015 SL-030 7"/Digital
Joliette Principia 3/17/2015 SL-029 Tape/Digital
Tyler Daniel Bean Repetition Vol. 2 12/11/2014 SL-028 Tape
Tyler Daniel Bean Repetition Vol. 1 12/16/2014 SL-027 Tape
Congratulations Demo 11/26/2014 SL-026 Tape
Scowler/Youth Funeral Split 11/11/2014 SL-025 Tape
Various Artists (The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Kittyhawk, Two Knights, and Rozwell Kid) Sundae Bloody Sundae  11/18/2014 SL-024 Flexi 7"/Digital
Pretty Mouth The Endless Mistake 8/6/2014 SL-022 Tape
Youth Novel Turned Around Abruptly Beside A Mirror And Jumped At My Own Reflection 6/23/2014 SL-021 Tape
Human Hands Self-Titled 5/12/2014 SL-020 Tape
Flesh Born Han 6/24/2014 SL-018 LP/Tape
Locktender Rodin 4/1/2014 SL-017 Tape
Life In Vacuum 5 2/4/2014 SL-015 LP/Tape/Digital
estates Self-Titled 3/15/2014 SL-014 Tape
Anodes/Enta Split 1/21/2014 SL-013 10"
Tiny Moving Parts Old Maid / Coffee With Tom 10/29/2013 SL-012 7"/Digital
Brighter Arrows Dream Life Compendium 7/25/2013 SL-011 Tape
Scowler How To Find Light 7/19/2013 SL-010 Tape/Digital
Flesh Born (Elesh Norn) All The Pain I Built Up 7/25/2013 SL-009 Tape
Strangers Now/Enta Split 4/15/2013 SL-007 10"
Northless Inside Our Darkened Hearts 6/15/2013 SL-006 2xTape
The Reptilian The Donut Hill Sessions 3/15/2013 SL-005 Tape/Digital
Locktender Kafka 7/25/2013 SL-004 Tape
Aviator January MMXIII 1/19/2013 SL-003 Tape
Kittyhawk Kittyhawk 1/20/2013 SL-002 Tape/Digital
Tawny Peaks Tawny Peaks 12/26/2012 SL-001/SL-050 Tape/Digital