SL-090 Release date:
October 23, 2020

Jack M. Senff - These Northwood Blues


‘These Northwood Blues’ is a product of the times. Written just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the new album was recorded in Wyandotte, Michigan at Eureka Records after multiple delays, during a lucky weekend break in the national, global upheaval of 2020. Donning masks, songwriter Jack M. Senff & his newly-formed Rolling Hill Band came together to explore a 70’s-inspired realm of Americana music, tracking the album “on expert mode” live with limited overdubs. In turns driving, volatile, patient, & exalting, ‘These Northwood Blues’ pivots Senff from the acoustic, bedroom stylings of his debut (2019’s ‘Good To Know You’) into the wider world of folk rock.

The album was engineered & mixed by the careful hand of multi-instrumentalist Austin Stawowczyk (Shortly, Great Expectations) who also co-produced alongside Senff & his creative partner Brian Morgante (Flesh & Bone Design, DEADHORSE), the spiritual second leader of the Rolling Hill Band. Filling out the group are Morgan Arrowood (Little Graves) & Schyler Binkley (Schyler the Potter, Ender) on piano & drums, respectively. Together Senff & his band have crafted a dynamic, lush collection of varying moods & colors, with ‘These Northwood Blues’ standing as both a testament to the current times, & an intriguing peek into where the songwriter might head next.

Vinyl -

/300 Black LP

1. Wildfire
2. Another Day
3. Quiet Love
4. Honey & Wine
5. Real Life Cowby
6. These Northwood Blues