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Ostraca - Disaster

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 After several years of silence throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Ostraca returns with their fourth full-length album, Disaster, the title of which comes from the antiquated, literal sense of the word - “a misalignment of the stars.” Inspired lyrically by Fernando Pessoa’s The Book of Disquiet, Disaster was recorded by Danny Gibney in Harrisonburg, VA.

“After being really happy with [Gibney’s] mixing on our live video at Macrock a few years back and him having seen and booked us there a number of times, he definitely got the vision and came with a lot of ideas about how to get the recordings where we wanted them.”

While recurring themes of fate, destiny, and eternity are frequently heard on past albums, Disaster shifts its focus on the present and ponders the complexities of current times and whether it’s a particularly good or a bad time to be alive.

To tie the album together visually, the band enlisted the talents of Garrett Smith, the designer behind many of Ostraca’s iconic album covers and merch, to handle artistic duties once again.

Co-released by Skeletal Lightning (North America) and I.Corrupt.Records (Europe).

UK/European customers can buy the album here.


12" LP housed in a full color jacket. All copies come with a double-sided insert.

First pressing:
Transparent Amber Vinyl (/200)
Ivory Vinyl (/300)

1. Constellation
2. Heaven is Still
3. Stage Whisper
4. Whilom
5. Rebuke
6. Song for a Frieze