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Vasudeva - No Clearance

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Vasudeva is an instrumental rock band from New Jersey. Formed out of a lasting high school friendship, the tight-knit triocreates seemingly effortless, beautifully dynamic soundscapes, locked in by a firm backdrop of unrelenting grooves, whiledrawing on their math-rock, ambient, lo-fi, and electronic forms all in equal measure.

Written from late 2014 to late 2015 after returning home from their first European tour, the band’s second full-length album,  No Clearance, is the product of countless hours of listening, observing, tweaking, and evolving, honing in an impressive spread of recording techniques and production styles, while redefining genres in the process.

Self-recorded with an array of colors in their sonic palette, effect pedals, tape players, samplers, drum machines, and a Rhodes piano were just a few of the components used in the making of No Clearance (mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden), capturing  Vasudeva at their rawest, yet most refined form to date.

The band’s name, coined from the character in Hermann Hesse’s 1922 novel,Siddhartha, was chosen for his quiet, yet profound and eye-opening role in the story, similar to the band’s own deliberate pace and strong musical dynamic. Now, with the release ofNo Clearance and a year full of touring ahead, the band certainly has something worth hearing.

European customers can purchase the album here.


Vinyl - Housed in a beautiful full color gatefold jacket featuring photography by Shawn Maguire. Includes lyrics insert.

First pressing: SOLD OUT
/100 180-Gram Clear w/ Red, Orange, and Black Splatter LP
/150 180-Gram Transparent Red LP
/250 180-Gram Black LP

Second pressing:
/200 180-Gram Blood Red/Silver Half n Half vinyl SOLD OUT
/300 180-Gram Transparent Orange vinyl

Cassette - Pro-dubbed and housed in a clear cassette case with full color 4-panel j-card.

/50 Clear
/150 Red Tint

1. (intro)
2. Take Away
3. Chase
4. Doner
5. Slowboy
6. Turnstile
7. Rough Tape
8. Goner
9. 6&5
11. Katy