SL-092 Release date:
November 8, 2011

Caithlin De Marrais - Red Coats


We are ecstatic to announce our reissue of Red Coats, the sophomore solo album from Caithlin De Marrais, of quintessential emo trio Rainer Maria. Originally released on Brooklyn imprint End Up Records, it appears now for the first time on vinyl.

It’s not quite post-rock… is “post-emo” a thing? However you slice it, the
New Yorker called Red Coats “a beguiling collection of fuzzy-hearted
songs good for any time of the night.” It’s a reissue perfectly timed to our
era, which more than ever seeks magical beguilement.

The album’s charms are plaintive and engrossing, sung in Caithlin’s unmistakable New Engl-ish, and elevated by her canny, deeply harmonic bass
guitar playing. Co-produced by Steve Salett (The Poison Tree) and Josh
Kaufman (Muzz, Bonny Light Horseman), Red Coats is a creature of
fable—it slithers and purrs, moving softly beyond the edges of our awareness.

In its original issue, the Red Coats song order differed from what Caithlin
intended. Our reissue presents the album for the first time in its visionary
intended sequence, inviting us to a journey long-awaited.