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Ostraca - Deathless

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Ostraca is the next phase of a band that was once known as Kilgore Trout. Hailing from the so-called screamo capitol of the world, Richmond, VA., "Deathless" may be the best thing you've ever heard. No, we're not kidding.

Honing in the sounds of the historic screamo bands before them, such as Usurp Synapse, CTTS, and City of Caterpillar, Ostraca take those strong influences and dial them up to 10, giving us what many would call the greatest screamo album of our generation.

Co-release with Middle-Man Records.

500 copies housed in a full color jacket with full color two-sided lyric insert.
/200 Black (SOLD OUT)
/300 Maroon

Deluxe Edition limited to 50 copies and features black vinyl housed in a screen printed cover with alternative artwork by Pink Tarantula. (SOLD OUT)

1. without articulation
2. half transformed
3. when is it ever different
4. pyrrhic
5. another mask
6. all watched over