SL-076 Release date:
July 19th, 2019

Vasudeva - Life In Cycles (remaster)


Vasudeva is a playful instrumental band who deploy an array of delay, reverb, and echo to define their complex textures. The reticent three-piece formed a lasting relationship in early childhood and have been friends and musical confidants ever since. This personal relationship is an integral part of Vasudeva’s clean, effortlessly dynamic sound. Corey Mastrangelo and Grant Mayer’s dual guitars bounce off each other playfully tapping and strumming harmonious lead parts. Derek Broomhead’s quick hands deliver beats fit for a club; constantly pulsing as conductor of the trio’s chaotic arrangements. His stable undertone creates a firm backdrop for the band’s slickly grooving guitar banter.

The 2013 release “Life in Cycles” is like a soundtrack made for stargazing. Sonically, it’s not far from a ‘sounds of nature’ disc; crafted with a delicate ambiance that borders on the spiritual. Mixed and produced by good friend and Gates frontman, Kevin Dye, and mastered by the great Greg Dunn, “Life in Cycles” has the personal touch necessary to Vasudeva’s sound. It’s a powerful debut, showing growth in songwriting and technical skill. - Audiotree.

We're proud to reissue this classic album, which has been elegantly remastered by Jack Shirley of The Atomic Garden (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, Jeff Rosenstock).

European customers can purchase the album here.

Vinyl -

180 gram vinyl LP housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket

(/300) – White in Seafoam Color in Color LP
(/700) – Tri-Color (White, Blue, and Purple) LP

Tapes housed in a clear cassette case with full color 4-panel j-card.
(/200) - Blue Tint

1. Ritual
2. In Lieu of Youth
3. Stop Making Yourself Miserable
4. Brickwork
5. Thought Pool
6. Tuxford Fall
7. Caesura
8. Punch-Reel