Caithlin De Marrais / POHGOH Split EP

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Originally released in September 2019 to coincide with Pohgoh/Caithlin's Japan tour, this split 7" was limited to Japan. This 2nd pressing, on pink vinyl w/ handstamped center labels (P & C), is part of New Granada Records' 25th Anniversary celebration for 2020! Caithlin is the vocalist/bassist from Rainer Maria. This is her first solo release in 8 years.

Recorded & Mixed by Kaia Fischer

Easton, CT & Upper East Side, NYC
Spring 2018/19
Backing vocals by Annie Nero

Written by Caithlin De Marrais
Published by My Magic City (ASCAP) 

Track Listing: 
  1. POHGOH - "Repeat Exchanges"
  2. Caithlin De Marrais - "Good Luck Come Back"