SL-003 Release date:

Aviator - January MMXIII

With the dynamics of Envy, the passion of La Dispute, and the hardcore edge of Modern Life is War, Aviator is a band that will stick with you until the end.
The tape includes freshly recorded and updated tracks from the Spirit Fangs/Aviator split, the My Fictions/Aviator split, and 3 brand new unreleased songs, which make up their current live set.

"Aviator's style is rooted in the melodic, emotive hardcore movement of the past few years, which has been spearheaded by bands like Touche Amore and La Dispute. “A Thousand Monkeys” and “A Thousand Typrewriters” are similarly structured hardcore dirges, featuring lyrics about mental illness, disillusionment, and general self-directed malaise." - The Needle Drop
Track Listing:

01. Solemn Mountain
02. A Thousand Typewriters
03. Forms (Les Feuilles Mortes)
04. A Thousand Monkeys
05. I'm Sick of Standing in the Same Place
06. Harvest Words

Pressing info:

Pressing info: 100 black tapes. SOLD OUT
Double-sided J-cards and white imprinting - hand-numbered - professionally dubbed. Includes screenprinted patch.

6 songs tracked live in Winter 2012 with minimal overdubs.