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Droughts - All Together

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Chicago Post-hardcore band Droughts have been an active force in the underground music scene over the past 5 years. Taking cues from the likes of Rites of Spring, Thursday, and Planes Mistaken For Stars, Droughts have immersed themselves in creating music that is honest and engaging, while crafting a sound that is uniquely different from their Midwest post-hardcore/emo/post-punk contemporaries.

"All Together" is a collection of the recorded history of the band, starting with their humble beginnings on debut EP "Unmoved," plus tracks from their splits with William Bonney, and Frameworks, Prawn, and Kittyhawk, and three exclusive new tracks that serve as a precursor to the band's upcoming LP, Stay Behind. All songs have been remastered and paired with fresh new artwork from Vocalist/Bassist Joe Klomes, who is also screen-printing the covers.

FFO: These Arms Are Snakes, Native, Touché Amoré, Self Defense Family

Oh, and fun trivia time... Did we mention Knuckle Puck drummer John Siorek is the featured drummer on many of the songs?

100 copies:
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Pro-dubbed tapes with imprinting, housed in a two color screen-printed die-cut chipboard cover.

Track Listing:
1. Closer
2. I Wish I Had Your Optimism
3. Stay Behind
4. Deaf Grin
5. Financed Future
6. Class of ‘09
7. Body of Glass
8. Still Born
9. No Blood Loss
10. Paper Cutouts

1-3 previously unreleased
4-5 4-way split with Prawn, Frameworks, and Kittyhawk 2014
6-7 split with William Bonney 2012
7-10 Unmoved 2010