SL-055 Release date:
April 21, 2017

What Gives - Feels Good


Lossless download available on Bandcamp.

What Gives began during the frigid February of 2014, with a group of friends seeking some sunny, pop-centered relief. Comprised of members from Annabel, Dowsing and Elway, the group recorded a comfy, lo-fi 5 song debut EP with Seth Engel across the hall from their practice space. Soon after, the band recruited fellow Annabel guitarist Corey Willis, and began honing in on a full length record. 

The LP that resulted is steeped in influences ranging from fuzzy indie rock guitars, melodic tendencies of radio pop, and somehow captures the feeling of eating fried shrimp with a High Life on a perfect summer day. Feels Good was recorded by Seth Engel at Pallet Sound in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago during May and June of 2016.


Cassette - Pro-dubbed and housed in a clear cassette case with full color 3-panel j-card.

/100 Black

1. I Feel Bas
2. Something Real
3. Get By
4. Waking Up In Heaven
5. All We Wanted
6. All We Got
7. How Do You Define Home
8. Milk & Honey
9. Dig Me Out
10. Slime Time Live
11. Not For You
12. I Feel Good