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Life In Vacuum / Joliette - Split EP


After playing at FEST 13 in Gainesville last fall, Life In Vacuum and Joliette found an immediate appreciation for each other. Both hailing from outside of the states, the bands gave solace to one another through the difficulty of navigating the complex DIY scene in the states as an international band.

But now, nearly one year later, the stars have aligned for both Life In Vacuum (Canada) and Joliette (Mexico). Plans were made, songs were recorded, and a full North American tour was booked.

Enter the Life In Vacuum / Joliette split. A true testament to the power of music and passion, no matter the where you are in the world.

This split finds each band tackling a slightly different sound from their past material, with Life In Vacuum honing in the darker, more aggressive side of the music spectrum, and Joliette charging forward with a nod to their true punk roots.

Life In Vacuum's side written by Life In Vacuum. Engineered/mixed by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios in April 2015. Mastered by Joel Hatstat.

Joliette's side written by Joliette. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Miguel Fraino at Vesubio Grabaciones, Mexico City in January 2015


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/100 Goldenrod
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Pro-dubbed cassette tape w/ full color j-card and lyrics insert. Housed in a clear cassette case.

1. Life In Vacuum - Let Us Through
2. Life In Vacuum - Black Snow
3. Life In Vacuum - New Blood
4. Joliette - serenata
5. Joliette - no es In A Gadda Da Vida