SL-063 Release date:
February 1, 2018

Boy Rex - Live! from the Far-Away

*Available on limited edition digipak CD.

Boy Rex is the exploratory abstraction of singer/songperson Jack M. Senff. Combining the sonic elements of folk, pop, and independent rock, Senff takes aim and observation at the colorful minutia of moments past, present, future.

Over the last decade he has been a part of numerous musical endeavors, from cult Midwest screamo band William Bonney, to Skeletal Lightning’s own Knola. Though honest songwriting has always been a penchant of his projects, Boy Rex is at once the most intimate and intentional.

With  Live! from the Far-Away, Senff provides resolution to the sounds and ideas of 2016’s The Bloodmonths (Soft Speak Records) and 2017’s Better Vision (Near Mint), while opening the door to a new palate of tones and textures.

Under the collaboration of his closest and most talented friends, and the indelible production of engineer Matt Riefler, Live! from the Far-Away offers a compelling tribute to the wonder and mystery of love, and doubt, exploring what it means to be alive in the here and now.

Senff lives in the paradise of Traverse City, Michigan with his wife and best friend, the artist Em Randall. He is already hard at work on the next Boy Rex album.

1. Golden Standard
2. Count to Ten
3. Way, Way Up
4. Olympia
5. El Coyote
6. Flying/Calling
7. Master Plan
8. True Believer