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September 6, 2019

Jack M. Senff - Good to Know You

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Good to Know You is a collection of songs and stories that deal with the shifting, fickle nature of time and how it stands to inform identity. Casting backwards and forwards, Northern Michigan songwriter Jack M. Senff weaves together small moments of his life in an attempt to examine and explore the greater themes of love and loss, family, change.

Having taken a year away to appraise and reassess, Senff sheds the Boy Rex name in favor of his own. After several albums chasing a certain sound, a specific color, Good to Know You shifts the palette to something softer, quieter, and perhaps that much truer to the integrity of his work. Self-recorded in various bedrooms and living rooms, this album hopes to capture all the warmth and intimacy his songs have to offer.

Good to Know You was mixed and mastered by Senff’s old friend Mike Kenway (William Bonney, In Ghosts), and features the impressive talents of Brian Morgante (DEADHORSE, Flesh and Bone Design), Shannon Lee Stott-Rigsbee (Tyler Daniel Bean, Adrian Ardvark), his wife Em Randall, and Arthur Shroeder (After Ours). This record is at once an encapsulation of everything that came before, and the first notes of something bright and new dancing just over the horizon.

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1. Hear Me
2. Old Days
3. Early Zeppelin
4. Redbird
5. Strange Feeling
6. Full Decay
7. Watershed
8. Good to Know You
9. Somewhere