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June 3, 2022

Jack M. Senff - Low Spirit


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Northern Michigan songwriter Jack M. Senff has spent more than a decade quietly chasing down his version of the truth. From an auspicious start in cult-favorite screamo projects Merchant Ships and William Bonney, to the post-punk offerings of Knola or the indie-rock experiment Boy Rex, Senff has always traded in the immediacy of feeling and personal storytelling in pursuit of some universal connection to the world around us. His songs tend to exist in the insular moments between, informed by or immediately adjacent to the pendulum of everyday life. 

Since embracing his given name in 2018, Senff has worked tirelessly to blend the languages of his various influence to find his own voice inside the modern Americana sound. Utilizing elements of 70’s folk rock (Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt), 90’s singer-songwriter (Tracey Chapman, Marc Cohn, Sam Phillips), and modern day acts (Hiss Golden Messenger, Big Thief), his music is at once familiar and strange, decidedly moving to the rhythm of its own pulse. 

With ‘Low Spirit’ Jack M. Senff continues building on the foundation laid out in 2020’s ‘These Northwood Blues,” expanding the sonic palette to create an immersive, dynamic experience. With the help of his Rolling Hill Band, Senff and co. take the listener on a rollercoaster journey into devastating valleys and soaring peaks, crafting a record in turns melancholy and joyous, reflective, bittersweet. Backed by an incredible group of friends and collaborators, ‘Low Spirit’ sees Senff reaching new heights, his music finally starting to align with the ragged ambition pulsing at the heart of all his work as he chases down, quietly, his version of the truth. And at least until the next one, this is as close as he’s ever gotten to finding it. 


Vinyl -

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12" vinyl LP housed in a full color jacket. Includes lyric insert.

/300 Black LP

1. Low Spirit
2. Coop Running Through The Halls
3. August Company
4. Thunder Roll On
5. Nowhere, OK
6. Mick & Keith
7. Rat in the Silo
8. Book On Wild Horses
9. The Way It Was
10. Little Light
11. After the Rain