SL-079 Release date:
July 2, 2019

Joliette - Luz Devora

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Joliette is a Mexican hardcore band and Luz Devora, mastered by Torche's Jonathan Nunez and translated to Light Devours, is their crushing new full length that picks up where 2018's El Alphabiotista left off.

Frontman Fernando Obregon delivers harsh, guttural screams in his native tongue to add an exotic spin on the genre. This approach is where Joliette’s unique appeal lies. They’re incredibly tight, perfection-driven performers who were forced to hone chops in order to break out of a competitive urban scene. Their breakdowns, chugs, and solos are tinged with danceable edge; the kind of foot-stomping that accompanies backyard hangouts guised in dingy basement wear.

Joliette employs an array of influences; stark and unpredictable transitions range from deep post-rock builds, to jazzy chords, to crunchy, gnarled distortion. - Audiotree

Co-release with Moment of Collapse.

Double 12" Vinyl with a screenprinted D-side. Housed in a full color jacket with double-sided lyric insert.

/200 Opaque Blue
/300 Black

1. Cecapsis
2. Vacío
3. Júpiter Jovial
4. Muletilla Japonesa
5. El Alphabiotista
6. Las Gorras Mayúsculas
7. Strathos
8. Futuras Campanas
9. Lázaro
10. Pudre Infante
11. Señor Mora
12. Defenestra