April 28, 2022 1 min read

Surprise!! Jack M. Senff has a new record ('Low Spirit') coming out June 3rd, finding him at his folkiest and most intimate yet. The first single, 'Little Light', is out everywhere now.

Bittersweet and with just the right dose of Rock n' Roll, the debut single 'Little Light' speaks to the power of hope in the face of tumultuous times. If you love Jack, love indie folk, love us, or just love music, give 'Little Light' a listen. You won't be disappointed.

Assuming you listened to it, loved it, and are wondering what to do next while you wait the long five weeks until the full album drops on June 3rd, here's some advice.
1. Check out the exclusive pre-order only merch (shoutout to Brian Morgante of @fleshandbonedesign) and limited edition vinyl pressing in the Skelly Store
2. Stream Jack's Complete Collection playlist on Spotify.
3. Show it to your mom, dad, grandma, co-workers, pets, or whoever else will listen. <3