August 01, 2018 1 min read

Our favorite Floridians in Gillian Carter have announced their 5th album, ...This Earth Shaped Tomb, which drops in full on digital outlets August 31st.

Stream the first single from the album, "This Rotting Vessel Appears," courtesy of Invisible Oranges or below! 

“The earth is consumed by hatred. The pharmaceutical companies thrive on keeping us sick. The human race’s heart has grown colder with time. Everyone we’ve ever known & loves will one day be put in the ground. This is me coming to terms with that.” - Logan Rivera/Gillian Carter

Pre-orders are available now on limited edition Teal vinyl, Black vinyl, or 6-panel digipak CD! You can also snag a new t-shirt design, or bundle it with the album and save! These items are expected to ship by September 28th.