Scowler/Youth Funeral - Split

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Five brand new songs split between two bands.

Scowler's side of the split will make your ears ring, honing in the sounds of noisy post-hardcore acts At The Drive-In, These Arms Are Snakes, The Blood Brothers, and Young Widows. Vocally driven, with conflicted lyrics and and bone-chilling screams that are equally matched by articulate and chaotic guitar melodies and driving drum beats.

Youth Funeral's side comes as quick as it goes, clocking in at just under three minutes - possibly the scariest offerings the band has released to date, with blast beats, angular riffage, and a rough hardcore edge. Think Capsule, Beau Navire, and Lord Snow blended into one beautiful beautiful baby.

Co-release with Broken World Media.

Pressing info:

100 copies - SOLD OUT
Clear shell w/ black liner and white imprinting. Housed in a hand-numbered white screenprinted brad-pack with black ink.