Mom Jeans - Puppy Love


"Overall, Puppy Love comes off as the more aggressive brother to Best Buds. The same break-up type themes that carry from Best Buds are reincarnated to create more a group-themed narrative. The album’s small details and hints about depression and anxiety aid to create a platform for fans to relate. It’s one of the things that makes Puppy Love such a unique album. It acknowledges so many contemporary issues such as mental health and love in a way that singles out some instances or events that are a daily struggle for some fans. Puppy Love will be a continuous repeat and a standing ground for the new Mom Jean’s sound." - The Alternative

1. near death fail comp (must watch until end) 
2. sponsor me tape 
3. glamorous 
4. I left my towel at my friend's house and then they moved PT 1 
5. PT 2 
6. season 9 ep 2-3 
7. you can't eat cats, Kevin 
8. jon bong jovi 
10. now THIS is podracing

Distro from Counter Intuitive Records.