Mom Jeans - Best Buds


This indie-emo group from California is certainly not the first to write an album about their ex, but they nailed it like only a few do. The instrumentation is flawless and the production could not be better for the style of indie. Honestly, just listen to the record and stop reading some dumb description that's supposed to entice you into checking it out. It's worth it.

1. Death Cup 
2. Danger Can't 
3. Movember (ft. Sarah Levy) 
4. Edward 40hands 
5. *Sobs Quietly* 
6. Poor Boxer Shorts 
7. Remy's Boyz 
8. Girl Scout Cookies 
9. Scott Pilgrim vs. My GPA 
10. Vape Nation

Distro from Counter Intuitive Records.