Jack M. Senff - "These Northwood Beans" Coffee

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In collaboration with Jack’s favorite coffee roaster, BLK \ MRKT in Traverse City, Michigan, this exclusive blend of specialty beans offers a balanced cup with sweet, autumnal notes of brown sugar and roasted apples. A bona fide “drinker,” this coffee can be enjoyed by all lovers of the mud, from your barista friend with the big opinions on how espressoshould be dialed, to your Folger’s-buying, “I like my coffee strong relative who may or may not balk at the word “cortado.”

Note: this is a pre-order exclusive, only available for purchase until 10/25, to be freshly roasted and shipped by or around 11/20. As it is a whole bean product, use of a coffee grinder is encouraged for full enjoyment! 

Special Note: for those interested, it’s a light roast, washed-processed blend of Mexican and Columbian coffees. Tastes great black, of course, but holds up well to cream or milk/milk alternatives.

Bag design by the great Brian Morgante of Flesh and Bone Design.