BLCKWVS - 0150

A monstrous 40+ minute instrumental exploration into the realms of doom, sludge, and driving post-rock. For over a decade now the band has been forging their own path into the heavy underground music world.

From the pounding and pulsating of the drums and down-tuned catchy riffs, to the almost horror-film like synthesizers, BLCKWVS take listeners on a punishing journey through the same dark woods they crept.

“0150” is pro duplicated and printed in the U.S. The full-length comes on a solid white tape with green ink in a clear encasement with j-card. This pressing limited to 100 copies. Originally released in 2012, this is the first US pressing. All artwork by drummer Tommec.

FFO: Torche, Neurosis, Lento, Pelican, Omega Massif

Distro from Hand of Death Records.