Sinai Vessel - Profanity

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“Profanity” is one of those loaded words, fraught with meaning and context, a trap for subjectivity. For Sinai Vessel, on their latest, fascinating EP, “Profanity” is a theme for variation, a way of getting at our lives; it’s a synonym for “humanity.” The seven songs collected here, dispatches of worn-in emo built around reedy guitars and nervous dynamics, always shuttling between the rafters and the floorboards, circle around lives lived somewhere between those same spaces – between the holy and, well, the profane. This is a band that manages to move with its own narratives in a way that calls to mind more supple music; it’s punk that finds a lot of its own purpose in subtleties. - Half Cloth

Track List
1) Cats
2) Greatham
3) Cuckold
4) Drown Around
5) Flannery
6) Index on the Oval

Distro from Flannel Gurl Records