The Flaming Tsunamis - Externalities

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The Flaming Tsunamis are an experimental hardcore/punk band that incorporates a diverse range of eclectic musical styles further accentuated by their inclusion of a horn section, keyboards, samples and auxiliary percussion. Based out of New Haven, CT the fiercely DIY and relentlessly touring six piece has put out releases on Kill Normal, a label that members of the band founded. Since their formation in 1999 the band has released 2 EPs and 2 full-length albums. In 2011 the band announced "Externalities", their latest and final album.

The Flaming Tsunamis were the youthful leaders of a local ska-punk revival that rose when the corpse of the regional ska scene was hardly cold. But in just a few short years, they’ve grown, and so has their initial audience and their sound, so that they’ve become something altogether heavier, darker, artier. Abstracted farther and farther from their original template, the Tsunamis’ skankin’ breaks surprise when they do show up, embedded as they are in progressive hardcore and metalcore mayhem. The fruits of their labor, of creative restlessness and years of heavy touring, are evident in their music and in their live show, in which they’re a freaky machine of energy and precision.

released April 1, 2015

Recorded 2009-2012 at Silver Bullet Studios (Burlington, CT)
Engineer: Greg Thomas
Assistant Engineers: Chris Teti, Dave Swanson
Mastered at West West Side

Distro from Community Records.