All People - Learn Forget Repeat


All People are a four piece band out of New Orleans, Louisiana who are committed to taking their sounds and ideas beyond the reaches of their hometown. On Tuesday May 5th 2015, they will release their second full-length album of organ driven melodic post-punk, “Learn Forget Repeat” on their own DIY label — Community Records, in conjunction with Asian Man Records & Broken World Media. “Learn Forget Repeat” invokes some of the aggressive sounds of the early ‘90s — taking influence from Fugazi and late-era Jawbreaker along with melody and chord structure absorbed from their hometown.

All People tours in an eco-friendly diesel engine van that is powered by waste vegetable oil and has completed over 150 tour dates since summer of 2013. The band is set to tour with their current guitarist Josh Campbell from March 13th to April 29th in support of “Learn Forget Repeat” with tours planned in late May and early June 2015 post the album’s release.

Distro from Community Records.