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Tyler Daniel Bean - Longing.

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Tyler Daniel Bean is an accomplished musician from Burlington, Vermont with a pedigree across all different styles. Longing., Tyler’s debut LP, brings together the personal songwriting of some of history’s best solo artists with the subtlety and moodiness of today’s best dark indie-rock bands. The lyrics “You’re always on my mind / I’m just a phone call away all the time”, from the song Heather Lane perfectly sum up the longing and morose feel of Tyler Daniel Bean’s debut LP.

Track listing:

1. Flowers At My Feet
2. I Think It's Time to Go Back to Our Original Smoothie Plan
3. Heather Lane
4. Lake Eola
5. I'm Just Going to Go Home and Not Make Any Progress
6. Rootbeerlington
7. To Give Up Hope At Twenty Years
8. It's Vegan, Not Vagen II
9. It's Like Eating At a Vegan Diner
10. Sometimes the Details Are Underground