SL-002 Release date:

Kittyhawk - Kittyhawk


This debut EP's second pressing finds itself with two new tape colors (yellow tint and green tint), the first of which can only be purchased through pre-orders and the band.

Introducing Chicago based band, Kittyhawk. Featuring the emo styling of Rainer Maria with a nice modern twist, this debut EP will be sure to suit your music listening needs for quite some time.

"Chicago’s Kittyhawk play a mix of 90s-esque emo and indie pop that is both catchy and extremely sad at the same time. The members of Kittyhawk are all in other bands, most notably singer Kate Grube, who is part of Into It. Over It.’s live band. Their self-titled EP is full of melancholy emo tunes contrasted with just the right amount of upbeat, fun indie." - Enfilade

Features members of Joie De Vivre, Dowsing, The Island of Misfit Toys, and Into It. Over It. (live).

Pressing info:

First pressing: SOLD OUT
100 red tinted tapes with white imprinting.
*First press sold out.

Second pressing: SOLD OUT
50 yellow tinted cassettes with white imprinting (exclusive pre-order/band color)
100 green tinted cassettes with white imprinting