Birdskulls - Trickle

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Debut LP from Brighton's Birdskulls!

"The Brighton band specialise in woozy grunge with a pop twist that has pledged allegience to the Big Muff. There are discernable nods to the likes of Sebadoh, HUM and Archers of Loaf, but their sound is anything but tired. With a gentle refrain of "I don't wanna go to bed", "Good Enough" is the feeling of shrugging off a heavy heart. It's like responding to being dumped by kicking an empty can, mumbling "whatever" and walking off. It's a homage to all those nights spent wandering around your city alone, contemplating existence in late-night greasy spoon's, climbing scaffolding, staring blankly at a shelf of grapes... we've all been there, right?" - Noisey

Track listing:

Good Enough
Ghost World
Coma Hospital

Distro from Dog Knights Productions.

Pressing Info:

This record is limited to 500. All copies come with a digital download code and full colour printed inner-sleeves.

Ultra-Clear w/ Orange, Blue, Green Shards /150 (DK Exclusive)
Dark Transparent Blue /350