SL-062 Release date:
April 6, 2018

Yoon Yung/Corey Stroffolino - "Everything's Real b/w Live From Silver Bullet Studios"

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Corey Stroffolino has found himself on a number of different stages all around the world over the last 10 years. When he’s not performing in front of thousands of fans with post-hardcore band La Dispute, you’ll likely find him performing in comedy clubs across the Northeast and beyond, soaking in laughter from his stand-up comedy routine.

Stroffolino’s ultimate dream was to find a way to combine his love of comedy with the incredible DIY music scene he grew up in, so he came up with an idea: to release a split LP with… himself. Thus, the split between the soulful, introspective indie-rock of Yoon Yung and the rib-cracking comedy of Corey Stroffolino was born.

To separate the two identities, Stroffolino performs his solo music works under the name Yoon Yung (his South Korean birth-name). Blending a love for soul and R&B music with 90's indie-guitar rock, Yung makes the sum of his influences into driving experimental pop-rock with a large dose of groove.

Yung’s debut EPEverything's Real was recorded live at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, RI and mastered byTimeless Mastering (Future Islands, Slowdive, Alex G). Produced by Seth Manchester(Lightning Bolt, Battles, The Body, The Hotelier) and Stroffolino himself, the result is a unique but lived-in sound, bolstered by lyrics about time ticking away and the anxiety that runs through those veins of thought.

To help bridge the gap between the world of stand-up and the DIY music scene, Stroffolino teamed up with longtime friend and producer/engineer Greg Thomas to hold a comedy night in the live room of Thomas’ own Silver Bullet Studios. As a long time place of collaboration for Stroffolino's music, the studio performance was the perfect crossover between comedy and the music that bonded the two friends from the start.

In the intimate setting of a live room made to look like the inside of the cabin from Evil Dead, the comedy side of the split, Live at Silver Bullet Studios, tackles a wide range of hard hitting questions such as "When is the only time you can brag about being an asian kid adopted by an Italian family?" and "Is Jeffery Dahmer more dominant than Tom Brady in his respective field?" Captured is a one-of-a-kind night that is the culmination of the relationships and passion Corey has built over the years playing music and doing stand-up.

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/100 Clear w/ Red + Black Splatter LP
/200 Clear LP

Everything's Real recorded live by Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, RI and mastered by Heba Kadry at Timeless Mastering (Future Islands, Slowdive, Alex G).

Produced by Seth Manchester (Lightning Bolt, Battles, The Body, The Hotelier) and Corey Stroffolino.

Live at Silver Bullet Studios recorded in front of a live audience by Greg Thomas and Chis Teti at Silver Bullet Studios (TWIABP, Hostage Calm) in Burlington, CT and mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering (Sainthood Reps, Tigers Jaw).

Illustrations by Charity Enos and Adam Vass.
Album cover and layout by Charlie Wagers.

Side A -

1. Yoon Yung - Gaze
2. Yoon Yung - No Town
3. Yoon Yung - Heavy Ghost
4. Yoon Yung - Shake My Bones
5. Yoon Yung - Everything's Real

Side B -

1. Corey Stroffolino - Super Adopted
2. Corey Stroffolino - Cup and Saucer
3. Corey Stroffolino - Mortal Kombat
4. Corey Stroffolino - Sage Advice
5. Corey Stroffolino - The Strengths
6. Corey Stroffolino - Booty Connoisseur
7. Corey Stroffolino - Incognito Browser
8. Corey Stroffolino - Asian Fetish
9. Corey Stroffolino - Last Joke
10. Corey Stroffolino - Razzle Dazzle