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Pack Sounds - Bold Statements


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A new band from the ashes of The Reptilian, and also featuring members of Locktender and Guppy.

Bold Statements is the band’s debut album.

“This record is an autobiographical tale of the ups and downs of growing up and getting older. The four years spent crafting this album have essentially been therapy for us to deal with the trials and tribulations that inspired the lyrics. Life is hard and maybe we don’t always cope with its stresses in the best or healthiest way. That said, hopefully our experiences are relatable enough to the listener that these songs inspire a sense of solidarity in knowing that we’re all in this together.“ Andrew Kallicragas, Vocals/Guitar.

Recorded & Mixed by Jordan Wagel at The Krilosphere in Livonia, Michigan. Mastered by Role Die Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg, Germany. Album Cover by Jon Weed.


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Track Listing:

1. 902 Nights 
2. Circling
3. Jon Na Sse Ge You (Make It Strong)
4. To Your Health 
5. Equa Signs  
6. Game Over, Man 
7. I'm Never Drinking Again 
8. The Long Ride Home  
9. Glued
10. Falls Risk  
11. Libations 

Pressing Info:

Cassette - Pro-dubbed and housed in a clear cassette case with full color 4-panel j-card.

/100 White tapes