Dikembe - Live At Loosey's

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This record was recorded live at Loosey's on August 4, 2015, along with The Appleseed Cast, Annabel, and Frameworks. Released by Smartpunk Records. Limited to 500 copies.

Stream and download the record here: https://dikembe.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-looseys-punk-talks-benefit

Track Listing: 
  1. Even Bother 
  2. Hood Rat Messiah 
  3. Donuts in a Six Speed 
  4. Surfed in the Loft 
  5. Scottie Spliffin & Luc Bongley 
  6. Librarians Kill for That Kind of Quiet 
  7. We Could Become River Rats 
  8. Worst in the Fury 
  9. Sorry I Can't Stick Around 
Pressing info:

First Pressing:
500 Black