Harmony Woods - GRACEFUL RAGE


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Harmony Woods has always been about dynamics. When this Philly project began a regional rail stop away, Sofia Verbilla wrote songs about the ways people see each other on either end of disaster. Across two records that spoke to the quietest of bleeding hearts, Verbilla expanded on processing grief, trauma, and other aftermaths while her band climbed and collapsed around her, turning ordinary circumstances into visceral reflections.

GRACEFUL RAGE—the band’s third LP—basks in the sheer magnitude of letting revelations and recoveries blossom on their own terms. Produced by Bartees Strange, it’s an extension of trademarks and an exploration of new ground. Verbilla often lets moments stack and shiver like a wobbly house of cards, and the sparse vocal-led freeze of opener “Good Luck Rd.” continues that trusted thread. But it’s in the explosive nuance of tracks like “God’s Gift to Women,” a smoky and jagged pop-punk sneer, where Harmony Woods jets far from their most comfortable alcoves. What’s found in this growth is resolve and power, snug behind a radio-ready punch.

Across stopovers in pop-country’s swaying embrace (“Rittenhouse”), tear-stained calls for absolution (“Easy”), and the lockstep of booming percussion (“Holding You to You”), GRACEFUL RAGE regains footholds on forgotten pathways, shouldering the pain but destroying the doubt that smolders in its wake. It’s Harmony Woods at their most aware and assured, where towering relief and welcome confidence have finally converged. - James Cassar 

"Potent and gripping, Graceful Rage is an apt name for a record that so masterfully turns Verbilla’s bitterness into a work of art." - Paste Magazine

"Verbilla balances between vengeful and empathetic, letting her anger go while also building up herself and her own power." - Stereogum

"Verbilla’s voice has never sounded better and neither have the backdrops she surrounds herself with, filled with searing guitars and bashing drums." - Stereogum

"Produced entirely by recent indie breakout Bartees Strange, Graceful Rage sees Verbilla at her most self-assured, pairing her crystalline vocals and evocative lyrics with bold guitars and sweeping instrumentation." - Popdust

"...a perfect blend of gritty rock ‘n’ roll and vulnerable songwriting emphasized by Verbilla’s clear-cut vocals. Guitar distortion rages like newly agitated flames behind Verbilla’s voice, but they never distract from the raw pathos of her words." - Flood Magazine

"an album that finds time for driving emo-punk anthems, grungy alternative rock, somber folk, string-laden chamber pop, and more, and Harmony's soaring voice and descriptive lyrics feel more powerful than ever. It's got big, warm production (courtesy of Bartees Strange) and really finds Sofia opening up her sound and coming out with her most spacious, multi-layered music yet." - Brooklyn Vegan

"...one of the most promising young voices in the canon of indie rock."  - Uproxx

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Track Listing
  1. Good Luck Rd.
  2. Rittenhouse
  3. Easy
  4. End
  5. Holding You To You
  6. God's Gift To Women
  7. Graceful Rage
  8. I Can't

Recorded at 38 North in Falls Church, VA and Café Lorraine in Philadelphia, PA
Produced and mixed by Bartees Strange
Mix Assistant - Graham Richman
Engineered by John Brooks
Mastered by Calvin Lauber

All songs written by Sofia Verbilla
Vocals/Guitar/Piano - Sofia Verbilla
Bass - Josh Cyr
Drums - David Juro
Additional Guitar - Bartees Strange

Cello - Kate Rears
Horns - Brian Turnmire
Lap Steel - Graham Richman
Photography and layout by Brooke Marsh

Pressing Info

Vinyl -

1st Pressing:
/200 Violet LP *SOLD OUT*
/300 Forest Green LP

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