Flesh Born - Han

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Visceral screamo meets crushing black metal from Texas. Blast beats. Hopelessness. Riffs for days. Han has it all. A word of caution... With eight brand new rippers, this record may catch fire.

Bonus material: B-side features Flesh Born's "All The Pain I Built Up" EP for the first time on vinyl.

Pressing info:

280 total copies: SOLD OUT
-50 Ltd. Pre-order edition - hand-numbered, screenprinted covers, and hand stamped labels with black vinyl and lyrics insert 
-100 black vinyl*
-100 opaque red vinyl* 
-30 Ltd. Tour edition - hand-numbered, screenprinted covers, hand stamped labels, and lyrics insert, with black vinyl. Only available from the band.
-5 Test Pressings with hand-numbered, screenprinted covers.

*Regular edition housed in a black die-cut jacket, with black inner-sleeves, hand-stamped black labels, and lyrics insert.