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SL-078 Release date:
May 8, 2019

Mush - Thank You, We're Mush


The debut LP from pop-punkers Mush!

Behold ‘Thank You, We’re Mush’, an auditory experience reminiscent of Vagrant Records bands from the early aughts. Recorded by Matt Frank (Their/They’re/There, Loose Lips Sink Ships) and released by Skeletal Lightning, these seasoned punks invite you to take a closer look at yourself. Life’s hesitations, plans and who you want to share them with. 

Let Mush cradle you in this sonic journey. This is for you.

Thank You, We’re Mush

European customers can purchase the album here.  

Vinyl -
/100 Coral LP
/200 Yellow + Coral Marble LP

Housed in a full color vinyl LP jacket and comes with double-sided lyric insert & instant, full-album download.

1. Investment For Life
2. Poppy's Wild Ride
3. Stomach Plum
4. True Love
5. Shirt
6. My Head Sucks
7. Asphalt
8. Enough
9. E34234
10. Live To Cringe