Flesh Born (Elesh Norn) - All The Pain I Built Up


Ear crushing, soul sucking screamo from Denton, TX. Featuring members of Father Figure, Two Knights, and more really good bands. Formerly known as Elesh Norn... now called Flesh Born.

"Well…Elesh Norn is a new 4-piece screamo band from denton, tx with members of father figure.
Take a seat. I mean…that sound. Fuck. This. is. amazing. It crushes through your ears with a blend of old-school screamo, dreamy 90′s-emo-like interlude guitar-parts and vocals which remind me of Jayson Green (Orchid), Rich Lombardi (Cloacal Kiss, The Sawtooth Grin) and some depressive black metal bands. Sounds kinda fresh and like something where I feel pretty comfortable. A warm but very aggressive and massive sound.

Everything just overwhelms you with such a fury and gloomy heaviness. I can’t get my finger off the repeat button. Too intense (the lyrics are so beautiful and heartbreaking). Too captivating. Too good."
- Missthestars

Pressing info:

1st pressing: 100 pro-dubbed smokey colored tapes with handwritten A/B sides in white ink. Pro-dubbed and hand-numbered. Includes download code. SOLD OUT

2nd pressing: 100 pro-dubbed tapes (/50 green tint, /50 purple tint), with full color labels and j-cards. Hand-numbered. Includes download code. SOLD OUT

Third pressing:
35 black tapes with black hand-stamped labels in a one sided j-card, all housed in a clear case. SOLD OUT