Strangers Now // Enta - split

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Introducing the very first Skeletal Lightning vinyl release - a split between two young Midwestern bands in Strangers Now and Enta.

Limited to a pressing of only 200 copies on black vinyl, this release will take you through a total of 5 melodic passages (2 from Strangers Now, and 3 from Enta), delving into post-rock, screamo, and emotive hardcore.

St. Louis, MO. band Strangers Now present a straight up passionate, melodic hardcore sound in the vein of Midwest hardcore act Modern Life is War. In this split, the band features a sharp and reinvented sound, honing in on their emotive hardcore tendencies.

Champaign, IL. based band Enta are a passionate Midwestern post-rock/screamo foursome made up of a sound similar to a mixture of Raein, Explosions in the Sky, Envy, and Mono. With members coming from varied musical backgrounds, the band’s sound is truly beautiful and unique, while carrying the passion of the influential bands that came before them.

"This split, shamelessly, had me crying; weeping both tears of pain and joy. From one end, it is emotionally charged, evocative, and brings out the emotion that is hidden within all of us--the pain we've forgotten or refused to deal with. From the other end, it brings me the most joy that this split is one that actually exists, and will revitalize the stagnant emotional hardcore scene that exists all around us. This is not the "same ol' same ol'," boys and girls, this is a whole new ballgame." - Toxicbreed's Funhouse
Track listing:

1. "Become" - Enta
2. "one thirty-six a.m." - Strangers Now
3. "Ghoulish" - Enta
4. "The Love I Had" - Strangers Now
5. "Unchanged" - Enta

Pressing info:

200 copies on black 10" vinyl - double-sided flap folders - hand-numbered - includes download code. Mastered by Carl Saff + Recorded by Matt Farmer. 15 limited-edition test presses. SOLD OUT