Aseethe / Obsidian Sword - Cast In Ruin

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Cast In Ruin is pro duplicated and printed in the U.S. The two song, 25 minute long spilt comes on a metallic gold tape with black ink all housed in a clear encasement with j-card. This pressing limited to 100 copies.

Aseethe present a finely sculpted blend of crippling doom and ambient drone. Just when you start to transcend from their meditative low rumbling and throbbing toms, they hit you with their giant apocalyptic doom riffs. Void is the precursor to their upcoming full length on Thrill Jockey.

Obsidian Sword come out of the gate with their raw and drudging barbaric doom. A continuos driving force that sounds like a massive prehistoric club being dragged on pavement, and when swung, crushes 1,000 skulls. Sunsword is the follow up to their 2015 two-song debut.

Cast In Ruin was recorded in a day with Shane Hochstetler at Electrical Audio and mixed at Howl Street Recordings. Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering. Art and layout by Aseethe’s Brian Barr.

2nd Pressing now available. Limited to 100 copies on black w/ gold ink.

Distro from Hand of Death Records