Dangers - The Bend In The Break

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The Bend in the Break features photographs made by vocalist Alfred Brown IV, many of them from quieter moments spent on tour. The fractured nature of the cover is emblematic of the band's take on the world: cracked, distressed, but not yet entirely broken.”The Bend in the Break was recorded to tape at The Atomic Garden with producer Jack Shirley, the band’s close friend and sometimes-tour-mate. The vinyl packaging has a spot varnish and a die cut on the LP jacket. It also comes with a 12 page 11x11 inch booklet/insert.

Track List:

  1. Human Noose
  2. Those Sad Plebes Down Below
  3. Darkest Arts
  4. The Bend in the Break
  5. Kiss With Spit
  6. Loose Cigarettes
  7. The Great American Songbook...
  8. Softer Science
  9. It's The Devil I Love
  10. The Straight World
  11. Very Small and Weak in a Land of Barbarians
  12. ...In Sharp Decline
  13. To Finn, With Our Regrets

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