All People - All People


Enduringly sincere and unassumingly avant All People offer you All People, a release too apt to four years of artistic development not to be self-titled! With their overarching ethos of unfiltered emotion bound to song lengths, vocalists Greg Rodrigue and Daniel Ray focus on self-analysis, existential anxiety, coming to terms with mortality, and finding security despite lack of control. Musically, All People align most immediately with 90s emotional post-hardcore like Fugazi, Jawbreaker, the Promise Ring,and Sunny Day Real Estate, especially with new guitarist Joshua Campbell of Tare and New Lands reuniting with bandmate from the latter and founding All People drummer Rob Landry. This influence is transmuted through Rodrigue and Ray’s multi-instrumentalism inflected with new wave, punk, dream pop, and indie/alternative rock vibes that recall the Rentals, Asian Man Records’ fringes, the VSS, and Archers of Loaf. Throughout, All People does an exceptional job of presenting dark, relatable personal experiences and binding that darkness with melody!

1. Slow
2. Plain Essential Language
3. Naught
4. Fearful / Sick
5. Moonsteps
6. Start Again
7. Balloon
8. New Rain
9. Of You

Distro from Community Records.