Innards/The Caution Children - Split


High-quality download available on Bandcamp.

Emotion, ferocity, turmoil, and passion. These are just a handful of ingredients that push creative and artistic boundaries. When articulated just right, pure musical bliss can be achieved.

But it's not often that you hear something new, and something exciting. Though, when it comes to bands like Innards and The Caution Children, each band has forged their way into new soundscapes while exploding minds around the world.

The two have been around for over 5 years now, a feat that few in DIY have been able achieve over the years,, with the help of rigid touring and more than a handful of releases each. Now, Innards and The Caution Children join forces, taking a crack at covering each other's songs, while contributing a new track each to top it off.

"Innards kick out a track that is pure hardcore cacophony. If you took a standard hardcore blaster and then threw it in a blender, this is what you would get. Meanwhile, The Caution Children contrast the sonic attack with some spacious, soaring post-punk. Then, in a fun twist, they both cover each other's tunes to contrast their respective melody and mania." -

Co-release with Community Records.

Pressing Info

400 copies pressed on Lavender vinyl. Housed in a full color cover.

100 pro-dubbed copies on purple tape with full color j-card.