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Flesh Born - Han

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Visceral screamo meets crushing black metal from Texas. Blast beats. Hopelessness. Riffs for days. Han has it all. A word of caution... With eight brand new rippers, this record may catch fire.

Bonus material: B-side features Flesh Born's "All The Pain I Built Up" EP for the first time on vinyl.

280 total copies: SOLD OUT
-50 Ltd. Pre-order edition - hand-numbered, screenprinted covers, and hand stamped labels with black vinyl and lyrics insert
-100 black vinyl*
-100 opaque red vinyl*
-30 Ltd. Tour edition - hand-numbered, screenprinted covers, hand stamped labels, and lyrics insert, with black vinyl. Only available from the band.
-5 Test Pressings with hand-numbered, screenprinted covers.

*Regular edition housed in a black die-cut jacket, with black inner-sleeves, hand-stamped black labels, and lyrics insert.

1. Unforgivable
2. Destroy the World of Men
3. Lament
4. Gloom
5. The Fever of Feeling
6. Empty
7. Body System
8. The Other Side of Despair